Howrah(Kolkata) West Bengal in India Based Company RAHUL TRADING CORPORATION is Experience in Manufacturers of we Hydraulic Power Presss Machine offered comes designed and developed using latest technology support.


  • Provide for high rigidity and less deformation.
  • Compact design finish.


  • Wide body frame for eliminating vibration
  • Rigid construction for ensuring exact die mating
  • Six-side rectangle guides of slide for high moving precision and accuracy
  • Providing for extended service life of die
  • Advanced support gears operate in oil bath without any noise
  • Provide for high accuracy, efficiency based operations
  • Offering simple and convenient operations
  • Press adopts low inertia combined dry pneumatic friction clutch and brake
  • Offer reliable operation safety and flexible action
  • Press adopt hexahedral rectangle lengthen gib for high guiding precision